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Valentine’s Day Edition: 14 Days of Black Love

Happy  valentine’s Day lovers!!!


The last 14 days on my Instagram page have been dedicated to “Black Love”. I wanted to post a picture each day of a “fictional” couple we recognize from movies or television, that embodied what I envision black love to be. Powerful, strong, nurturing, optimistic, loyal, dedicated, and committed.

I’ve been fascinated with Black Love since I was a child. I think we all wanted that Cliff & Clair Huxtable kinda love mixed in with a little Martin & Gina..

Thankfully, we have had representations on what Black Love is supposed to be on our screens, if we didn’t have that image in our homes. Black Love gives hope, to young women and men. It’s very possible ti find your soul mate and keep the cycle going.


Below see some of the fictional #BLackLove couples I admire.


  1. Justice & Lucky

Image result for poetic justice


2. Zora Banks & Franklin Swift


3. Dwayne Wayne & Whitley Gilbert-Wayne


4.Lance & Mia


5. Darius & Nina


6.Marcus and Angela


7. Malik & Deja


8. Rod and Marcee


9. Summer & Sky



10.  Overton & Sinclair




11.  Janie & TeaCake


12. Martin & Gina


13. Luscious and Cookie


14.  Sid and Andre



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