Written Blogs

Short Hair Revisited.

I’ve been short before; back when I turned 22 and wanted a change….just wanted to look different but now at 29 & 1/2…. life has been coming at me fast! 😳This time I NEEDED a change. 30 is approaching and I’m feeling like shit is about to get real ya’ll… Will I ever have children? Will I ever get married? Will I ever settle into my career? Will I ever own a home or be a forever renter? 

So many questions and in my mind so little time…

But the reality is, I’m in control of my destiny. I control the pace no matter how fast or slow.

I’m usually an over thinker, over analyzer, and a very indecisive decision maker. It’s the Virgo in me.

Cutting my hair has been kinda freeing for me in a sense….I’m letting go my anxiety about my life and just decide to live in it and the moments. Not stressing about what if, but focusing on what now….

I’m about to change my life for the greater good.

Bring it on. 💜


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