About Robyn Jasmine

me3Robyn Jasmine is a twenty something ūüėČ brown belle living in a metropolitan city. She found that through her life experiences, she wanted to share them with other young women in hopes of having positive dialogue, embracing one another through struggle and triumph as well as expanding and creating a world wide sister circle. She started her blog in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. She is currently working on completing her first fiction novel, set to debut this fall.

“I believe women are the strongest people on the planet. Not to discredit men, because men are definitely needed and essential; but women, all women, ¬†posses a powerful force within them that allows them to conquer any obstacle. Women can be resilient, educated, submissive, nurturing, independent and so much more.

With “A Brown Belle Exchange” it is my hopes that I can connect with all women through unity.”

Through words, and now her international podcast she is undoubtedly moving onward and upward.

Robyn Jasmine can be reached via email:


Instagram: abrownbelleexchange

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