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#BlackLove: Have You Been Watching?

  There’s been a show on the  FYI network  titled #BlackLove which has been serving life lessons since its premiere in December. The show is centered around five successful women in New York City whose introduction starts out by saying “You’ll never have a job, an apartment, or a boyfriend at the same time in… Continue reading #BlackLove: Have You Been Watching?


Episode 4: What Happened to #SandraBland

  Episode 4:  What Happened to #SandraBland?? In this episode we will discuss the current events involving police brutality and unforgettable deaths caused by police specifically to African Americans, and the outrage the country has been in, in search of justice. Co Host: Eryka W. (young black college educated woman, currently pursuing Master’s degree is… Continue reading Episode 4: What Happened to #SandraBland


A Brown Belle Exchange Podcast Episode 1

So….Here is my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I know a lot of you thought that I was pregnant or engaged (insert shocked emoji face here) LOL And while those are important life changing moments, that probably wouldn’t be something that I would first post to Social Media. At any rate, I have been diligently working on revamping… Continue reading A Brown Belle Exchange Podcast Episode 1